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Fred Pelichero

Fred Pelichero
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Bio: In 1993 Fred Pellichero began djing. With an open-mind and his unique taste in electronic music
he was naturally led to the production side of the industry.
In 2001 he created the group Prax Paris with Sandy Vee.
From this collaboration raised many productions and remixes
such as: ìKing of Houseî, ìHumanî, ìFeedback Epî on Subliminal and many more.

In 2003 Fred Pellichero became a success with the release of his solo track
ìReaction of Loveî on Paradise Records as well as the release of several other tracks
on various labels (Executive, Royal DrumÖ).

In 2004 he joined Laurent Wolf for several collaborations:
(ìSaxo Revengeî, ìChicagoî, ìLa Cocaî and the album ìAfrodynamicî).

In 2005 he adjusted his style to electro dance floor with the release of
ìPop Avalonî and ìThe Snakeî on Darkness and ìDevil Expressionî on Clubbing Capital.

In 2007 he releasedìPump Itî on Royal Flush and it was an immediate success.
They also released ìTime is Overî on Pacha Recordings and a mix compilation on
the prestigious Pacha Ibiza Recording label.

2008 the new Prax Paris (Fred Pellichero and Sandy Vee)feat joe smooth
"promise land"signed on universal label and a new release "fuck that"&"back to the jungle".

2009 new tracks "peack & never be the same" , new rmxs pack 2009 of "pump it" ...

2010 a big new collaboration with the mithic "duane harden" on his new label soltrenz records for "lies
love & passion" and a huge track "say yeah" with the legendary "crystal waters" for sony music ...

2011 new radio residency on FG DJ RADIO , FG USA & FG CLUBBING , release of "say yeah" video clip !!! "pyramyd 2011" ranked #7 top house beatport !!!

With more then ten years of producing experience, Fred Pellichero is now a renowned dj on the French scene.
This rise enables him to play at the best clubs in France as well as around the world.

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