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DVNT & Scape One @ Mantis Radio #117 - 16-10-2012

DVNT & Scape One @ Mantis Radio #117 - 16-10-2012
Submitted by: S20L8
Artists: DVNT, Scape One
Style: Techno
Date: 16-10-2012
Notes & Tracklist:
Coefficient - Opaque Coherence [Labrynth]
Basis - Ki x Sorrow 1 [Basis]
Global Goon - Energy Owl [Global Goon]
Imaginary Forces - A Meaningless Gesture [Sleep Codes]
Nil - Upbiringing (Tomohiko Sagae remix) [HueHelix]
Gary Beck - Naptha [Soma Records]
Vegim - You Are Lost (Rusk remix) [Capital Techno Rec.]
BMB (British Murder Boys) - In Another Country [Liberation Technologies]
Chairman Kato - Yeah You're Right pt.1 [Shades of Grey]
Ingen - Downstairs Mixup [Digital Distortions]
Energun - Upgrade black white [Energun]
Ry + Frank Wiedemann - Howling (Ame remix) [Innervisions]
Aquarian - Obsidian (Randomer remix) [UNO NYC.]
Steel Grooves - Activist [Sonic Convergence]
Bas Mooy - Nastase (Developer remix 02) [Audio Assault]
Happa - Bring It Back [Church]
Wellbelove - Dark Sun [Cue Burn Digital]
BMB (British Murder Boys) - Dead Sun [Liberation Technologies]

Tau Sagittarii - Insignificant Form of Life [Live]
Solar Fields - Discovering [Ultimae Records]v Carsten Jost - Chateau Jalousie [Dial]
Kurt Baggaley - Simple Explanations [The Bohemian Club]
Tau Sagittarii - Proteus 4 [Live]
Donnacha Costello - It Simply is [Minimise]
Public Transport - Skywave [Soundcloud]
Tau Sagittarii - You Have Named this Process Evolution [Live]
Kurt Baggaley - Line of Sight [Stem]
Tau Sagittarii - More Details Please
Hol Baumann - A forgotten Ritual [Ultimae Records]
Tau Sagittarii - See Beyond His Own Time [Live]
Scape One - The hydrogen Line [Unreleased]
Tau Sagittarii - Put to Sleep

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